Our Product Offerings

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We pride ourselves in providing high quality secondhand clothing and wiping rags. All raw materials are carefully selected and imported Japanese Used Clothing.

Raw materials are thoroughly sorted and graded into many types of secondhand clothing. In addition, we are also capable of producing large volume of cut wiping rags to serve the needs of our clients.

Secondhand clothing are machined compressed into bales of 100kgs. While cut wiping rags are available in quantity of 20kg, 25kg and 100kg.

Secondhand clothing includes:

  1. Mens, ladies, children clothing

  2. Ladies lingerie

  3. Sports attire

  4. Households (mats, apron, bed protector)

  5. Accessories (caps, bags, toys, muffles)

  6. .... and many more

Cut wiping rags:

  1. White and coloured knits

  2. White and coloured woven

  3. Light and medium weighed materials

  4. ... and many more